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Evoto AI is an "AI-powered next-generation image editor" designed to simplify and expedite the photo editing process, offering advanced retouching, color editing, and batch processing features for high-quality, efficient image enhancement.
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Evoto AI

Evoto: Revolutionizing Photo Editing with AI


Evoto AI emerges as a next-generation image editor, streamlining the photo editing process. It's a tool designed to alleviate the tedious aspects of photo editing, enabling users to process large volumes of photos with exceptional quality and speed.

Key Features

  1. Portrait Retouching: Evoto AI excels in portrait retouching with an array of tools for blemish removal, skin retouching, facial reshaping, and more. It effectively handles common issues like freckles, acne, wrinkles, and shine, offering realistic results without overdoing the adjustments.
  2. Advanced Color Editing: The software provides comprehensive color editing tools, such as exposure adjustments, tone, contrast, and more, ensuring a high level of control over the final image.
  3. Batch Processing: A significant time-saver, Evoto AI allows for batch processing, enabling the editing of multiple photos simultaneously with preset adjustments.
  4. Additional Editing Tools: The app includes tools for background adjustments, including an AI headshot background changer, and also offers unique presets to enhance the creative process.

User Experience

The overall user experience with Evoto AI is positive, with reviewers appreciating its clean interface, powerful AI tools, and efficient editing capabilities. The software does a commendable job in areas like background cleanup and portrait enhancement. However, some users have noted the background removal feature and pricing structure as areas needing improvement.


Evoto AI operates on a credit-based system, with a free trial available for new users. The pricing model is somewhat unique, as it's based on the number of photos exported, which can be a consideration for those editing large volumes of photos regularly.


Evoto AI is a robust and innovative photo editing tool that leverages AI to offer efficient and high-quality photo editing. It's particularly useful for professional photographers and hobbyists who require quick, bulk editing without compromising on quality. While it's not without its drawbacks, such as occasional inaccuracies in AI detection and a unique pricing model, the benefits and features it offers make it a strong contender in the photo editing software market.

Evoto AI
Evoto AI
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