OpenDigg is a revolutionary AI tool that offers a personalized digital extension of individuals and businesses, enabling the creation and management of a unique AI model that mirrors the user’s personality, preferences, and communication style.

Exploring the Frontier of Personalized AI: A Look at

In the dynamic world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), emerges as a pioneering tool that personalizes AI experiences, empowering individuals and businesses with a digital extension of themselves. This unique platform, developed by Human AI Labs Inc., offers a groundbreaking approach to AI, differentiating itself from other AI models by using personal data to create a more intimate and personalized AI experience.

The Essence of is an AI tool designed to generate new ideas at the speed of thought, recall key concepts, and create original content. Its ability to automatically categorize new ideas and centralize all stored content into a knowledge hub sets it apart in the AI landscape. The essence of lies in its capacity to create a unique model that represents the true self of its user. Whether it's for recalling specific details, like a family hand-washing song, or discussing professional topics like the impact of multiple narrators in literature, adapts to its user's needs and preferences.

Core Features and Innovations

Memory Stack and Training

At the heart of is the 'Memory Stack', a feature that allows the AI to continuously train on unique data and personal messages. This ensures that your Personal AI becomes more reflective of you over time. The training process is interactive and user-friendly, enabling the AI to construct a comprehensive understanding of your lifestyle, profession, background, and goals. It's not just about recalling facts; it’s about understanding the nuances of your personality and communication style.

Web and iOS Application

The web application of has recently been enhanced with new onboarding journeys, an improved user interface, and expanded messaging capabilities. This refinement of the user experience includes features like onboarding enhancements and additional messaging features, making it more intuitive and accessible. Moreover, the launch of their iOS mobile app has made this technology accessible on the go, further expanding its usability.

MODEL-2: A New Era has introduced MODEL-2, a more advanced version of their AI system. This iteration includes features like long short-term memory integration, a multi-persona model, multi-modal personalization, and multi-channel integrations. The multi-persona model is particularly notable for its capacity to manage different aspects of an individual’s or organization’s identity, making it a versatile tool for a variety of applications.

The Team Behind the Innovation

The team at, led by CEO Suman Kanuganti, CTO Sharon Zhang, and Head of UX Kristie Kaiser, brings a wealth of experience and passion for AI and user experience design. Their diverse backgrounds contribute to the innovative spirit of, ensuring it stays at the forefront of AI technology.

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