Robovision is a "central platform for dynamic 2D and 3D Computer Vision AI, enabling businesses to easily manage and deploy vision intelligence without requiring AI experts."
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Robovision's AI Platform is a comprehensive solution for managing vision intelligence in smart machines. It's designed to simplify the development and deployment of computer vision solutions, particularly in dynamic environments where data and requirements frequently change. This platform is particularly beneficial for industries reliant on visual data processing, such as agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail.

Key Aspects of Robovision AI Platform

  1. Dynamic Environment Adaptability: One of the platform's standout features is its ability to function effectively in dynamic environments. This adaptability is crucial for industries that regularly encounter changing data and requirements.
  2. Wide Industry Application: Robovision AI is instrumental in various sectors. In agriculture, it can revolutionize Agtech with modern systems. In manufacturing, it enhances process optimization and automation. Healthcare applications include AI-based clinical applications, and in retail, it supports frictionless-shopping technology.
  3. Edge AI Capability: The platform includes Edge AI for low-latency inference, essential for real-time applications across various industries such as food manufacturing and semiconductors.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: Despite its advanced capabilities, Robovision is designed to be accessible even for those without in-depth AI expertise. This user-friendly aspect allows more companies to leverage AI technology without the need for specialized knowledge.
  5. Applications and Cases: The platform enables numerous applications, including preventing explosions in recycling facilities, automating quality control, and revolutionizing horticulture with AI-driven systems.

Limitations and Considerations

While Robovision is a robust tool, it may not be suitable for businesses that do not heavily rely on visual data processing. Additionally, some level of technical understanding is still necessary to make the most out of the platform.


Robovision offers both free and paid plans, but detailed pricing information is not provided upfront, indicating that costs may vary based on specific business needs and scale. Interested parties are advised to contact Robovision directly for tailored pricing information.


Robovision AI Platform stands out as a versatile and powerful tool for managing vision intelligence across various industries. Its ability to adapt to dynamic environments and broad industry application make it a valuable asset for businesses looking to integrate AI into their operations.

Robovision AI
Robovision AI
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