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Splash Music is an "AI-driven platform dedicated to making music creation accessible to all," offering innovative tools for personalized music production and fostering a community for sharing and feedback.
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Splash Music

Splash Music emerges as an innovative and accessible platform in the AI music creation space, designed to make the joy of music making available to everyone. At the heart of Splash Music lies its commitment to democratizing music production through cutting-edge AI technology.

Overview and Features

Splash Music offers two main products: Splash App and Splash Pro. The Splash App provides users with a comprehensive library of sound packs and beatmaker instruments, fostering a community-centric approach where users can share their creations and gain feedback. Splash Pro, on the other hand, extends this experience by allowing users to describe the song they want to hear, then customizes it to their needs, creating an original, royalty-free track. This seamless integration of AI in music creation empowers users to produce music in various styles and formats, catering to a wide audience ranging from amateurs to professional creators.

Technology and Accessibility

A key differentiator for Splash Music is its proprietary AI technology, which includes capabilities like Text-to-Singing, Text-to-Rap, Generative Text-to-Music, Composition, Melody, Voice Transfer, Lyrics, and Mastering. This technology has been honed since 2017, leveraging high-quality audio datasets owned by Splash as well as those available under Creative Commons licenses. Such technological prowess underscores Splash Music's vision of creating the world's best AI music platform.

Integration and Usage

Splash Music also integrates with Amazon Alexa, enabling users to create and share songs using voice commands on Alexa-enabled devices. This feature enhances the user-friendly aspect of the platform, making music creation more interactive and accessible. The music generated with Splash Pro is entirely owned by the user, free from any royalty constraints, providing complete freedom in how it is used, shared, or monetized.


Splash Music stands out as a revolutionary platform in the AI music space, breaking down barriers in music creation and offering a tool that is both versatile and user-friendly. It's a testament to the power of AI in transforming creative processes, making music creation an accessible joy for everyone, regardless of their musical background or expertise.

Splash Music
Splash Music
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