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Wing Playground is an "innovative browser-based environment" designed to simplify and revolutionize the way developers write, test, and visualize cloud-native applications, making cloud development accessible and enjoyable.
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Wing Playground

In an era where cloud computing is no longer a luxury but a necessit, developers seek solutions that simplify their workflow, enhance productivity, and bridge the gap between code and infrastructure seamlessly. Enter Wing Playground, a revolutionary tool poised to redefine cloud coding by offering a browser-based environment where developers can write, test, and visualize cloud-native applications effortlessly. 🚀

Wing Playground is the brainchild of Elad Ben-Israel, co-founder of Wing and creator of the AWS CDK, who, along with his team, has poured extensive knowledge and ongoing learning into this project. The ambition behind Wing Playground is to alleviate the real pains developers endure, such as the friction of deploying and testing in the cloud, the mental load of managing infrastructure alongside code, and the incessant context switching demanded by contemporary tools. Wing is not just another programming language; it's a comprehensive toolchain designed for the cloud, built on a rich cloud abstraction layer. This layer allows developers to focus on crafting their applications while effortlessly leveraging the cloud's robust capabilities, including local cloud simulation and multi-cloud portability. 🌐

The Wing Playground offers a unique, inviting experience for developers to explore the potential of Wing. It facilitates writing, testing, and playing with cloud applications directly in the browser, providing a visual interaction with applications alongside the ability to explore the Terraform and JavaScript output generated by the Wing compiler. This innovative approach not only enhances the developer experience but also aims to improve quality and productivity by democratizing cloud development. Making cloud development accessible, efficient, and enjoyable for all developers stands at the core of Wing's mission. 🪽

As Wing continues to evolve, the team invites developers to dive into the Wing Playground, join their Slack community for discussions, feedback, and updates, and be part of the journey in making cloud development an amazing experience. With Wing Playground, the future of cloud coding is here, promising a seamless development experience that integrates infrastructure and code like never before.

Wing Playground
Wing Playground
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