Enhancing Robustness with "Robust" - A Google Open Source Library

"Robust" is a comprehensive open-source library by Google that empowers Android developers to address and manage network issues, memory leaks, and ANRs efficiently, ensuring the robustness of their applications.


"Robust" is an open-source Android library provided by Google, designed to enhance the robustness of Android applications. It offers a range of tools and methods to help developers address various exceptional situations, including network issues, memory leaks, and ANRs (Application Not Responding).

Key Features:

  • Provides tools for handling network exceptions, aiding in capturing and managing network issues.
  • Includes a memory leak detection tool to help identify and rectify memory leaks.
  • Offers ANR monitoring tools for tracking and analyzing ANR problems.

Getting Started:

To incorporate "Robust" into your Android application, simply add the following dependency:

dependencies {
    implementation ''

Here are some example code snippets demonstrating the usage:

// Using the network exception handling tool
val networkInterceptor = RobustNetworkInterceptor()
val okHttpClient = OkHttpClient.Builder()

// Using the memory leak detection tool
val leakCanary = LeakCanary.install(this)

// Using the ANR monitoring tool
val anrMonitor = RobustANRMonitor()

Running this example will automatically enable network exception handling, memory leak detection, and ANR monitoring.

Advanced Functionality:

"Robust" also provides advanced features, such as:

  • Custom exception handling logic.
  • Retrieving exception stack trace information.
  • Analyzing ANR issues.

Here are some examples:

// Custom exception handling logic
robust.setOnExceptionListener { exception ->
    // Handle the exception

// Retrieving exception stack trace information
val stackTrace = robust.getStackTrace(exception)

// Analyzing ANR issues
val anrInfo = robust.getANRInfo()


"Robust" is a powerful robustness enhancement toolkit that assists in improving the stability of Android applications.

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Robert Harris

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